AR you Ready?
Realmore unveils its next generation

On April 10, 2013, as part of the International Week of Design and Furniture, Equent Media Group organized an event in collaboration with Stone Italiana to present the brand new Realmore™.

The event will be titled “AR YOU READY?” and during the evening will be previewed a solution of Augmented Reality to display and configure furniture directly in your own home and in real time by using a Tablet or Smartphone app. In addition to participating in this preview, present at the event will experience different Realmore™ solutions in the field of architecture, design and art.

The event will begin at 17:00 and will be hosted in the showroom of Stone Italiana (300 square meters in the heart of Milan Via degli Arcimboldi, 5 Lupetta street corner) that for the occasion will become StoneCircus.

StoneCircus: The new project by Lorenzo Palmeri for Stone Italiana, is the beginning of a deep exploration into the possibilities of recomposed quartz. A journey that is both visionary and practical, full of leaps and highly pragmatic in which key is the presence of the fellow travelers have chosen.

StoneCircus wants to overcome the limit of the product and aims to define a new model of industrial production that goes beyond the idea of competition, a meeting arrangements based on cooperation, in which everyone is involved, boatman ferried on the ground and unifying the project. Stone Italiana and companies involved (Agape + Alps + Brix + Berlintapete + Moroso + Nodus), each with its specific identity and wealth of experience, share, therefore, a project that brings together, enhancing them, the different skills, generating a directly overlooking a world on the other.

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