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Villa Sistemi Medicali, Europe's leading manufacturer and marketer of X-ray systems, with a solid and widespread distribution network worldwide, wanted to support communication, sales and staff training activities worldwide in a simple and intuitive way.

Like many players in the manufacturing industry who turn their attention to the healthcare sector, customer engagement has always been a major challenge. In a super-competitive market characterised by a multitude of competitors, it was crucial to differentiate significantly in the service offering. In addition, the transport of X-ray systems was generating a negative economic balance sheet due to the high costs of logistics and long-distance transport of heavy equipment.

What tool could we provide Villa Sistemi Medicali to generate new digital services with high added value and to give global visibility to the entire range of X-ray systems?


  • High transport costs and risk of damage to highly sensitive equipment
  • High level of technical complexity and customisation/configuration of the offer
  • Difficulties in choosing equipment to present at exhibitions and events


Realmore has developed a digital platform entirely based on three-dimensional models that allows the sales force to always have available all updated information and features of each product and the complete line of radiological and medical systems virtualized in 1:1 scale. The design of virtual showroom with all the photorealistic models of the radiological equipment, to be experienced dynamically both in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, allows Villa Sistemi Medicali to promote the products all over the world breaking down the barriers of distance selling. Thanks to this innovative approach, customers can now configure and explore radiological models with a very high level of product and experience customization. Villa Sistemi Medicali has embarked on a path of digital transformation that has gone beyond the traditional paradigms of communication and sales to result in a customer experience of excellence thanks to the disruptive power of immersive technologies.


Through the adoption of these innovative technologies, Villa Sistemi Medicali has been able to:

  • Present and customise its products in a way that is completely independent of physical location
  • Dramatically reduce the cost and risk of long-distance transport and packaging of sensitive equipment
  • Provide the sales force with a complete digitised product catalogue (without space limitations)
  • Allow the potential customer to configure/interact with the product live and with its specifications (active vs. passive)
  • Dramatically increase performance resulting in a substantial increase in sales

How it works

  • Innovative virtual showcase of Villaís medical line equipment, based on pages dedicated to each product including the commercial description and documentation (brochure, video, product data, user’s and service manual).
  • Display of the equipment 3D model with the possibility to zoom, rotate and move it in the space.
  • Display of the real size equipment in AR and VR mode through smartphones, tablets and VR headsets.
  • Activation of predefined demo movements representing the main examination procedures for each product.
  • Activation of 3D model movements through the dedicated control interface for our most representative systems Apollo DRF and Moviplan iC.
  • Display of pin-points highlighting the most representative components for each product.
  • Possibility to make a screenshot of the current 3D view that can be shared through email or other different channels.
  • Remote area dedicated to the creation or participation to sales training sessions in 3D and AR mode among multiple App users, with the possibility of recording the session in progress on different Cloud storage systems.

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