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Urban Villas

Urban Villas
Domus Futura
UX Design, Development, 3D Modeling


Domus Futura, a renowned real estate agency based in Milan, commissioned Realmore to create a three-dimensional model of the new residential complex Urban Villas in Modena. A residential building that invites the public to rethink the traditional way of living in a sustainable way thanks to private villas immersed in a magnificent green setting that recalls a form of modern architecture that is attentive to the environment, biodiversity and the relationship between man and other living species.

Being able to communicate the new architectural language and expressive qualities of the project and attract the interest of potential buyers requires a distinctive way of communicating and the delivery of innovative services capable of translating the features and functionality of tomorrow's buildings. What solution could we provide for Domus Futura to convey the value of the project to stakeholders and stimulate the curiosity and interest of clients around the world?


  • Conveying the architectural details of the new residential complex from 3D renderings requires a graphic and creative effort to deliver maximum realism.
  • The technological limitation at the time of the need to use a physical marker to access the content meant rethinking the distance selling strategy


The advantages that Augmented Reality technology can bring to the world of architecture and real estate sales are innumerable. Realmore has exploited the capacity of Augmented Reality to amplify the visualization of contents and has developed a solution that replaces the classic physical model that limits the possibilities of immersion in the environments and presentation of the residential complex at a distance.

Through the 3D digital model it was possible to immerse oneself in the heart of the architectural project in an extremely immersive and realistic way. Buyers had the opportunity to observe the complex before making the commitment to go on site and get a precise and secure idea of the final result of their investment. From the marker it was possible to project, via Smartphone or Tablet, the finished complex and show its full potential without moving from the office.

A unique opportunity for Domus Futura to convey, without the traditional limits of distance, the value of real estate to an international audience. In this way, Augmented Reality becomes an extraordinary tool for the Real Estate industry to exponentially multiply sales and profit opportunities.


Thanks to the development of an Augmented Reality application, Domus Futura has been able to:

  • Reach thousands of potential buyers around the world through an interactive model able to effectively convey the architectural value of the residential complex
  • Enhance the services available to the sales force
  • Transform the customer experience and exploit these interactions to gather functional information for understanding the target markets

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