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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, an Israeli multinational company in the pharmaceutical industry, commissioned Realmore to come up with a creative and interactive solution to engage visitors on their stand during the 21st edition of Cosmofarma Exhibition in Bologna.

On these occasions, one of the biggest challenges is the ability to attract and engage the public on their stand. In addition, Teva Pharmaceutical was close to launching its new Self Care line, an over-the-counter product for the most common self-medication and wellness needs.

The launch of a new product line on the market is always a delicate moment for a company, which can be faced with boundless success or total failure.

The company wanted to take advantage of the visibility offered by an event that attracts thousands of visitors, buyers and retailers each year from the healthcare, beauty care and pharmacy sectors. What solution could we provide to Teva Pharmaceutical to create hype around the product and stimulate interest among the company's target audience?


  • Identify the most effective format to attract a large group of people to the stand simultaneously
  • Deliver a personalised one-to-one experience that would generate lasting memories for the individual visitor


Realmore developed a solution that involved the use of a Magic Mirror, a digital mirror composed of a large 46" screen and a 3D Kinect camera. Live demonstrations are the best way to convince the customer of the quality and effectiveness of the product; through the 3D Kinect sensor, visitors to the stand experienced first-hand the physical action of the drug inside their bodies and tested the new Self Care line in an innovative and engaging way.

The virtual mirror 'magically' projected an X-ray onto the users' bodies, illustrating the drug's reaction when it came into contact with various organs. In order to multiply the opportunities to share the experience and generate positive word-of-mouth on social networks, it was possible to take a selfie thanks to a camera incorporated inside the Magic Mirror, as well as print out the photograph to preserve the memory of an unforgettable experience.


Through the application of a customised AR experience, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries was able to:

  • Engage thousands of potential customers on-site and simultaneously
  • Present the new Self Care product line in an innovative and engaging way
  • Create positive associations between the new product line and the brand
  • Increase engagement on social networks and generate positive word of mouth for the launch of the Self Care line

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