Serravalle Designer Outlet

Serravalle Designer Outlet
McArthurGlen Group
Cinematic AR, AR Development, UX Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation.


McArthurGlen Group, one of Europe's leading outlet owners and operators, has set Realmore an extraordinary challenge. Attracting new customers during the off-season is a huge challenge for all kind of stores. The goal was to stimulate the curiosity of a public of families with children interested in spending time relaxing and entertaining outdoors in a typical shopping environment; and the curiosity of groups of young digital-ready people in a unique technological experience.

Today, retailers have the opportunity to transform the customer experience and increase engagement on social media by generating positive word-of-mouth for the brand through the disruptive power of augmented reality. How could Serravalle Designer Outlet attract new visitors and retain existing customers?


  • Delivering a fluid and spontaneous experience is generally difficult due to the limitations of apps that require user engagement to deliver content
  • Channel customer flow to edutainment installation
  • Identify effective brand entertainment content to appeal to a wide audience of people and groups of all ages


Realmore has designed a cinematic installation faithfully reconstructing the shapes, movements and sounds of some of the most fascinating animals in the maritime ecosystem. Visitors at Serravalle Designer Outlet experienced a unique immersion into the habitats of dolphins, Papua penguins, seals, manatees and sea turtles.

The 3D holographic images of the marine animals have been designed down to the smallest detail to give the visitor the impression of being immersed in their habitats as if they were actually experiencing them. The visual perception was supported by a powerful 2x200W 3D sound system that made the interaction even more realistic. The installation included a mega 600 X 400 LED wall screen with high brightness, an integrated high-resolution camera to monitor the involvement in real time, a protective load-bearing structure with a directing environment and a set formed by a specially reconstructed pier for the public.

Serravalle Designer Outlet was able to deliver a spontaneous and consistent experience which featured augmented reality technology as never seen before in an outdoor environment.


Through the adoption of a personalised AR cinematic experience Serravalle Designer Outlet was able to:

  • Boost social media engagement generating positive word-of-mouth and attracting new visitors in a typical low season period 
  • Engage more than 60,000 people live through direct experience
  • Generate over + 5,800,000 impressions, + 1,500,000 interactions (likes, comments, shares) of which + 26,000 shares
  • Improve the customer experience by delivering unique moments of entertainment

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