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Paradox Engineering
Paradox Engineering Sa (Switzerland)
AR Smart Assistance, Development, 3D Modeling


Paradox Engineering, a leading IoT service provider with a proven technology background and strong engineering DNA, delivers data collection solutions, radio design systems and wireless sensor networks to manufacturing companies around the world.

Paradox Engineering required a solution to provide stakeholders with an immersive demonstration of how public services can be managed and controlled through a single IoT platform, making cities cleaner, safer and more liveable.


  • Making IoT services more intelligible to all stakeholders is often extremely difficult
  • Remaining competitive in the global marketplace requires the ability to communicate services in innovative ways and break the barriers and limitations of distance selling.


Realmore has designed a mobile application that offers a unique immersion in Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for Smart Cities by making Paradox Engineering's services more tangible and accessible for the cities of the future.

In order to be able to translate complex services into clear and defined solutions, a realistic 3D model of a virtual model was designed showing the faithful reproduction of the functioning of public services such as streetlight control, packaging management, solid waste collection, video surveillance and public Wi-Fi and how they can be managed and controlled from a single platform.

Paradox Engineering now has a highly effective tool for presenting services to promote them worldwide without the limitations of distance, locally and globally.


Through the adoption of these innovative technologies, Paradox Engineering is now able to:

  • Engage thousands of potential customers simultaneously
  • Dramatically increase revenues through a digital app that is always available to the sales force
  • Enable customers to interact with services and their specifications through active engagement
  • Promote the company's services worldwide
  • Make services more intelligible to all stakeholders

When entering the AR experience, the following views and contents are available:

  • Smart Urban Network – enjoy a digital animation of PE Smart Urban Network to see how the interoperable Wireless IoT and Wireless Highspeed IoT platform enables key City services
  • Smart Applications – play digital animations of urban applications including Smart Lighting, Smart Parking, Smart Waste, Smart Building, Smart Sensing and Wireless HighSpeed Services
  • Smart Data – look at smart devices and data in action, with simulated readings from streetlights, parking lots, waste bins, building and environmental sensors
  • Smart Products – learn more about PE Smart Urban Network components, discovering main features of PE Smart CMS, PE Smart Nodes and Gateways

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