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The Challenge

Oranfresh has been present in the agro-industrial sector since 1969 and is a world leader in the design and marketing of fresh fruit juice vending machines and professional juicers. The crystal clear attention to the cold squeezing of oranges, a process that guarantees the extraction of all the nutritive substances, places the company among the points of reference in the Italian panorama for technological innovation and product quality.

Always focused on pre-sales and after-sales service, Oranfresh wanted to make it easier for technicians, employees and customers to understand the proper use and operation of the Orange Genius orange juice vending machine. How could we help Oranfresh enhance the tools available to the sales force and improve the overall customer experience?

Pain Points

  • To avoid cable constraints that can limit interactions within the virtual environment and user movement in space, it was necessary to adapt the VR experience to the Oculus Quest visor;
  • Providing a smooth and usable Virtual Reality experience with the less cumbersome Oculus Quest visor required optimising the 3D model of the Orange Genius machine.

The Solution

Until now, service models have relied on qualified technical staff being sent on site to resolve the problem, while sales models have relied on the use of printed instruction manuals to educate the customer on key product features and functionality. To transform the traditional sales approach and enhance the customer service process, Realmore designed a Virtual Reality solution that transformed the technical manual of the Orange Genius machine into an immersive and engaging experience that now takes customers on a totally new journey to discover how the company's iconic product works.

Through step-by-step instructions, the customer is guided through every step of every procedure and is able to acquire all the information necessary for the correct use of the juicing machine and to know the functional procedures for the maintenance of specific types of components. In order to overcome the cable clutter of certain types of visors, Realmore has opted for the Oculus Quest visor, thus guaranteeing users a more natural, smoother and frictionless experience.

The Outcomes

Thanks to the implemented Virtual Reality solution Oranfresh is now able to:

  • Improve sales force performance;
  • Reach customers in every part of the globe with the digital model of the Orange Genius machine;
  • Present products worldwide completely independent of physical location;
  • Enrich the customer experience and enhance customer service processes.

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