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Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Private Banking
UX Design, Development, 3D Modeling


Monte Dei Paschi Bank has requested a solution to educate financial stakeholders and new generations on the terrain of emerging technologies. Digital transformation in all its forms affects each and every one of us, influencing cultural and behavioural pattern.

Today, there are many fields in which we can closely observe digital transformation: the tools and machines we use to work, the cars we drive, the environments and digital channels in which we receive information that directs our daily choices.

The financial advisory world also invests resources in digital transformation and in new emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to support decision-making processes led by bankers and industry specialists, who remain the main actors for the most significant investment decisions.


Realmore developed an education and entertainment mobile application that harnessed the power of Augmented Reality to allow stakeholders and the younger generation to enjoy experiences that drew on immersive and Artificial Intelligence technologies. People interacted with the App and learnt while having fun to recognise new emerging technologies.

Through the reproduction of immersive digital content, the audience touched the power of innovation. GEN30PuntoZero was a cognitive journey into the world of Digital Transformation promoted by MPS Private Banking and dedicated, in particular, to the first generation born in the era of Artificial Intelligence and to all those who want to live, work and invest in an increasingly connected world.


Through the adoption of these innovative technologies, MPS Private Banking has been able to:

  • Educate both stakeholders and new generations on new emerging technologies
  • Build a strong technological and innovative brand image
  • Enhance the customer experience at major international roadshows and events
  • Inform and involve a wide audience of people at the same time

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