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Hera Spa, a leading Italian multi-utility in environmental services based in Bologna, wanted to enhance the PUNTONet H2O service and increase awareness in citizens about the importance of public fountains as a valid alternative to the consumption of sugary drinks and as a deterrent to excessive plastic consumption.

The potability of water from public fountains is often subject to a common misconception that this water is neither clean nor safe. Actually, water from public fountains is drinkable in exactly the same way as water consumed through traditional means such as plastic bottles; in addition to complying scrupulously with high quality standards, it is cheaper and has zero impact on the environment.

How could we help the Hera Group to involve citizens and educate them on the use of public fountains as an alternative to the common consumption of water?


The positioning of interactive totems in city contexts makes it possible to reach a wide audience and provide innovative information and services with high added value. These modular infrastructures, placed at strategic points in a number of Italian cities, now allow Hera to effectively communicate key issues such as the consumption and waste of drinking water.

The installation of these systems to deliver water and disseminate information content required the integration of different technologies to offer a consistent and relevant service capable of communicating key aspects of the project in a simple and direct manner. PUNTONET H2O offers a wi-fi connection, recharges electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as electric bicycles and wheelchairs for the disabled. In addition, some sensors integrated in the installation monitor acoustic and air quality, while an LED screen disseminates information by exploiting the ability of Augmented Reality to explode the display of content and add digital layers to the surrounding reality.

Thanks to this service, Hera is now able to provide citizens with an engaging educational experience on an extremely sensitive issue such as the consumption and waste of drinking water, positioning itself in the collective imagination as a company sensitive to individual and environmental wellbeing.


Through the development of a customised Augmented Reality solution Hera was able to: 

  • Create positive brand associations by educating the public on a key issue such as water consumption and waste
  • Engage thousands of citizens with innovative digital services

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