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Gruppo Cerbone
UIUX Design, 3D Modelling, Augmented Reality

The Challenge

The Cerbone Group has been a leader in Italy for over 20 years in the distribution of accessories for doors and windows. As an innovative and quality-conscious company, especially in the choice of materials to be used for the realisation of a finished product that reflects the high standards of the sector, Cerbone wanted to enhance the workmanship and design of its profiles and accessories for doors and windows, offering customers the possibility of accessing a realistic overview of the final result of the solutions offered once installed. How could we help the company make the products more accessible to the entire ecosystem of partners and collaborators as well as the sales force and improve the overall customer experience? 

Pain Points

  • Spatial recognition of surfaces required the use of the new Lidar sensor to optimise the rendering and correct respect of the actual proportions and dimensions of the environment;
  • Adapting each 3D model to the dimensions of the French windows required an assembly in the environment in "Run Time" that recalculated the shapes and proportions according to the actual position of the user.

The Solution

In order to help Cerbone to reach customers all over the world and to allow the sales force to present the window and door accessories lines independently from the physical location of the product, Realmore has developed an Augmented Reality application that allows to view the French windows in the rooms where they will be installed and to observe the final result of the matching with the other interior furniture. A dynamic application that includes the complete catalogue of the French windows with their 3D models to be visualized interactively in AR allows Cerbone's sales force to present the solutions to their customers in an innovative way, anywhere and anytime.

The Outcomes

Thanks to the developed Augmented Reality solution Cerbone is now able to:

  • Reach customers from the top of the globe overcoming the limits of distance selling;
  • Deliver to the sales force an innovative tool able to accelerate the sales process;
  • Transform the product testing experience.

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