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Catellani & Smith
UX design, Development, 3D Modeling


Catellani&Smith was founded in 1989 by pioneer Enzo Catellani, who at the time was a craftsman and manager of a lamp shop, who began experimenting and working with iron to give light to his first creations.

Leader in a niche lighting market and specialised in design and production of furnishing lamps, the company now has a global presence covering the European, Middle Eastern, American, Asian and African markets. Its Lederam collection, the latest evolution of Eco-Logic Light, combines LED technology in its name with a new copper-coloured leaf finish; the small discs with their warm, soft colour enclose a latest generation mains voltage LED module, in a perfect combination of design and functionality.

As a pioneering and innovative furniture company in its sector, Catellani&Smith wanted to transform the online interaction with the product and deliver a service which offered immediate and consistent responses to the needs of an experienced, digital-ready customer. What tool could we provide to improve the experience and reduce friction during the buying journey?


  • Creating 3Ds with crystal-clear detail quality that represent lamps in a true-to-life way
  • Traditional paper catalogues did not reflect the company's innovative and technological approach
  • The impossibility of touching the product is sometimes an insurmountable obstacle for customers during the buying process


Realmore has created a 3D configurator focused on Augmented Reality technology that allows to visualize the complete line of Lederam's products anywhere and anytime, and to virtually place the lamps inside the rooms to evaluate their characteristics, the possible combinations with other design objects, the dimensions and the spaces in the most varied contexts.

All the products in the catalogue are reproduced on a 1:1 scale and an accessory tool such as the virtual ruler allows the lamps to be placed in the correct position and at the right height to avoid any surprises on the part of the customer once the ordered product has been received. The possibilities for product customisation are endless: from the choice of colour, material and texture, to unlimited modelling through magnification, rotation and movement in space, to the addition of accessories and the combination with other furnishing objects to be placed in home or work environments.

The Augmented Reality solution implemented allowed Catellani&Smith to break down the barriers of distance selling and deliver an innovative and engaging product interaction experience.


Through the development of a 3D product configurator, Catellani&Smith has been able to:

  • Improve customers' online interaction with Lederam's flagship line
  • Increase sales by speeding up the product customisation process
  • Reduce the friction and limitations of global online sales
  • Collect data not only from sales but also from product configuration

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