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A famous Italian sports car manufacturer with the most influential brand in the world commissioned Realmore to transform the customer experience in its showrooms. The car manufacturer wanted to create a true experiential journey within the dealerships by taking customers into the store to discover some of its most iconic cars. Each car model has a story to tell and unique characteristics; at the same time, all of the carmaker's boast a renowned expertise in engineering and high performance driving.

All models share a passion for competition at their origin, which leads to unparalleled design and high technology. Improving the in-store experience required disrupting the traditional logic of the dealer visit. Immersive technologies offer an unparalleled opportunity to win the customer's trust by transporting them into breathtaking scenarios with no limits of time or space. How could we help the carmaker deliver an experience that stimulates their curiosity and excites them in an extraordinary way?


  • The recognition of the cars only based on 3D models required surgical precision to ensure that the Augmented Reality experience was simulated correctly in the real context and that the digital content integrated perfectly with the physical in-store models.
  • Making the system recognise the silhouettes of each car whose physiognomies are very similar to each other. 


In order to help the customer to transform the involvement inside the showroom, Realmore has developed a solution that included the design of an application with the integration of Augmented Reality technology to offer customers a path inside the showroom divided into two phases. The first introductory phase is dedicated into telling the story of the brand and the four most iconic cars in a multilingual version (through the scanning of QR codes located on totems positioned next to the cars), followed by the second, more experiential phase in which customers observe their favourite model through a 365° viewer, immersed in wonderful scenarios.

They experience the context of a motor racing circuit with the flamboyant and aerodynamic mid-rear-engined 2-seater berlinetta, they immerse themselves in the typical Ligurian backdrop of Portofino with the fascinating double-clutch spider model, experience the sparkling and eclectic atmosphere offered by Tokyo by night in the company of the new road-going supercar with hybrid architecture, admire the fabulous sunset from the Pincio terrace in Villa Borghese transported by the timeless elegance of the new coupé that evokes the typical lifestyle of the 50s and 60s in Rome.


Through the adoption of a customised in-store AR experience Ferrari was able to:

  • Transform the in-store experience during the European Tour
  • Educate customers on the main features of its iconic cars
  • Offer added value through information available through a dedicated in-store App

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