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Camel S.p.a.
Camel S.p.a.
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Camel, a European leader in the design and construction of automation and robotisation systems, approached Realmore with the following dilemma: human errors risk irreversibly compromising product and service quality. Camel needed to find an effective way to support the next generation of workers without affecting productivity.

In manufacturing environments, keeping the workforce active and ready to tackle operational problems and routine plant maintenance is crucial to avoiding production stoppages. Today, companies are embracing a new era with smart and connected devices. These technologies introduce a significant improvement in the quality of workforce performance in production, service and maintenance procedures.

How could we integrate Camel's basic operator skills with the new digital skills and translate this combination into a long-term sustainable and successful outcome for the company?


  • Downtime translates into high costs
  • The high level of specialisation required increases the response time of the less experienced workforce
  • Human errors affect productivity and service quality


Realmore has developed a service platform based on Augmented Reality technology to support less experienced technicians during interventions on the filtration plants, avoiding breakdowns and long production stops thanks to the constant monitoring and control of the main procedures on the field and remotely.

With the digitalisation of the manuals of the filtration plants and the transformation of paper documents into checklists and step-by-step procedures, Camel is continuing its journey in the field of digital transformation to build a future-proof factory.

Today, Camel has a tool to support and assist the field activities of technicians, capable of activating digital content on demand and optimising the performance of the workforce through the automation of complex tasks requiring high levels of specialisation.


By adopting a customised AR solution Camel is now able to:

  • Improve the accuracy and precision of tasks requiring a high level of specialisation 
  • Reduce errors and safety incidents exponentially
  • Reduce costs by replacing machine components only when necessary
  • Optimise worker response times for improved productivity when performing highly complex procedures
  • Monitor data in real time to provide a consistent and tailored service

How it works

  • AR SMART ASSISTANCE works as a digital and interactive assistant to allow field operators to be guided step by step through the maintenance and troubleshooting of a Camel filtration plant.
  • From the application it is possible to choose the section of the machine on which to operate and then to explore the available manuals, the checklists for the various maintenance activities and the “step by step” guided procedures for troubleshooting.
  • The operator can select from a list the procedure to be performed, the corresponding machine section will be indicated on a 3D view of the plant.
  • If the procedure involves the use of augmented instructions in AR, the application will switch to camera mode, activating the detection of the makers specifically positioned on the concerned part of the machine.
  • Alternatively, the user can decide to start the “step by step” guide documented with photos, animations and 2D/3D views.
  • By entering the error code you can search for problems reported by the machine independently.

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