Aprilia Racing

Aprilia Racing
Piaggio Group
AR Smart Assistance, UX design, 3D Modeling


The Aprilia Racing team has sustained a strong motorsport competition programme starting with motocross and then a road racing programme as a world championship winner.

Aprilia engaged Realmore to discover an optimised solution to support mechanics during the preparation and maintenance of racing bikes. In such a competitive environment every millisecond counts. Races are no longer won on the track but mostly in the pits. What tool could we provide Aprilia to speed up the work of mechanics on racing bikes while maintaining high performance?


  • Monitoring and managing huge amounts of telemetry data in real time.
  • Translation of data into actionable performance improvement strategies.
  • Acquisition, identification and visualisation of motorbike racing data.


Realmore developed an Augmented Reality solution that, integrated with a super-smart helmet, was able to augment the pit lane display of race bike telemetry data such as water temperature, oil levels, tyre pressure and tread compound. Other sensitive data such as fuel consumption, lap count and suspension settings were all viewable and overlayable in the field of view through presets and other pre-programmed settings.

Augmented Reality allows the technician to remotely intervene to make detailed reports and diagnoses and guide the mechanic through routine maintenance. In addition, the mechanic in the pits has access to a detailed overview of the various components to assess the necessary interventions and maintenance. By sharing the workstation and collecting and reading data in real time, the Aprilia team detects critical issues more quickly and intervenes promptly to resolve technical problems on the bike.


Thanks to the adoption of an AR Smart Assistance solution Aprilia Racing was able to:

  • Collect and translate mass telemetry data into clear and understandable actions for the pit mechanics
  • Present all necessary information and procedures right in front of the mechanics' eyes
  • Completely eliminate the use of manuals and paper charts
  • Significantly reduce the time for adjustment and tuning options for components resulting in an unprecedented competitive advantage

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