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AM General Contractor

AM General Contractor
AM General Contractor
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AM General Contractor is a leading manufacturer of fire protection equipment and systems. Founded in 1996, it is made up of a dynamic group of people in a continuous search for product excellence and cutting-edge technological solutions. Over the years it has confirmed its leadership in the field of fire-fighting equipment, systems and devices for the railway and transport sectors.

Among its most representative products is the SmiR, an innovative infrared fire detector designed for early detection of fire events in the areas and environments where it is installed. Conveying through standard tools the potential and features of such a sophisticated solution, which requires installation to be fully understood, created difficulties for the sales force and limited customer understanding.

In addition, at a major international showcase such as Innotrans 2016, a global transport event based in Berlin that attracts thousands of visitors, buyers and exhibitors globally, the company wanted to enhance its presence at the event with technologies that would generate the wow effect and attract the attention of prospects to the exhibition stand. What solution could we provide to AM General Contractor to generate customer interest and accelerate the sales process?


  • Inability to replicate complex scenarios such as overheating in transport environments to show the effectiveness of fire-fighting systems.
  • Difficulties in choosing fire-fighting devices to present at international trade fairs and events.


Realmore has developed an App based on Virtual Reality technology that recreates in detail two environments in typical travel contexts, one railway and one naval. Wearing the VR visor, the user can observe at first hand the evolution of a phenomenon such as anomalous overheating with subsequent fire and the consequent resolution of the problem thanks to the highly technological infrared system designed by AM General Contractor: the SmiR. The virtual simulation of what really happens when an unforeseen event occurs inside a train or ship gives the sales force the opportunity to convey the potential and unique features of the fire-fighting device in an engaging and effective way. Thanks to the implemented Virtual Reality solution, the user interacts with all the elements on the scene in a 360° immersive environment and is immersed in a typical high-risk situation for the safety of passengers that otherwise cannot be recreated in reality.


Through the designed Virtual Reality solution, AM General Contractor was able to:

  • Engage thousands of visitors during the Innotrans event as well as at subsequent international trade shows and generate positive word of mouth for the brand
  • Deliver an innovative tool to the sales force to personalise the customer experience
  • Present the fire system worldwide in a completely location-independent manner
  • Improve customer interactions at physical touchpoints and boost lead generation.

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