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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions - Realmore » Metaverse


We design Virtual Worlds and Immersive Experiences


The Metaverse is a persistent, cross-platform immersive virtual space where a potentially unlimited number of users can move, share and interact with their customized 3D avatar through cutting-edge devices such as VR/AR viewers, PCs, smartphones, tablets and game consoles.

In the Metaverse, for example, you can visit a retail store to try on an outfit with one's virtual avatar, go to a store to order a pair of shoes to receive in the real world, drop in on a concert from the comfort of your home, or connect to a fixed event while digitally interacting with one's friends remotely. The Metaverse is this, and much more.

A space where people meet, work, collaborate, and live global experiences with a personal digital representation, anywhere and anytime, seamlessly.

First Dimension


The Metaverse is a space you can enter at any time via any device, and it provides a persistent user experience; the creations, objects, and documents that the user leaves in the virtual environment stay in place until the next visit. The experience is continuous, with no resets between browsing sessions. This dimension is critical to delivering the same experience to each user interacting within the same digital space.

Second Dimension


In the Metaverse, users meet and interact simultaneously in the virtual environment as if they were living the experience together even though they are in different locations. Synchronized viewing of performances, contextual participation in on-demand live events, and interactive co-presence meetings are just some of the opportunities that this dimension can offer.

Third Dimension


In the Metaverse, people meet, interact and achieve goals together by moving holographically with their Avatar and manipulating three-dimensional objects with no limits. Immersive presence, spatial maps, and multi-user synchronization transform events, meetings, and remote planning sessions that become more engaging and interactive. The experiential dimension is key to engaging users, stimulating their creativity and improving their performance.

Fourth Dimension


The combination of standard and cryptocurrency payment systems, NFT-owned certificates, and virtual worlds enables exclusive experiences populated with original and authentic media contents. Attending live and on-demand exhibitions and events for a fee, purchasing iconic and limited edition digital items put out by one's favorite brands, buying and selling art and artistic works created by the most digitally avant-garde artists, and much more is possible in the digital space.


Our Offer

Realmore merges a deep passion for immersive technologies with pioneering knowledge of cutting-edge AR/VR hardware, including Microsoft Hololens 2, Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest Pro. For us, the Metaverse is any three-dimensional digital space usable through the latest generation of mobile or wearable devices.

Together with brands and companies we create digital spaces and immersive experiences that deliver everything the Metaverse as we understand it today it promises to deliver. Persistence, multi-user mode, interactivity and transactionality are the four key dimensions of every project we develop with a crystal-clear focus on user experience.

Realmore's expertise ranges from the design of virtual showrooms, development of on-demand and live experiences and events hosted within immersive worlds, creation of 3D models and NFT certificates of iconic products that can be used in major gaming universes and bought on the universally known marketplace platforms, to the development of Augmented Reality apps for immersive and shared visualization of digital content in real environments.

Realmore designs custom Metaverse that can host: interactive stores with environments dedicated to brand exploration and to the purchase of unreleased collectibles, events, customer care/service platforms, and digital work spaces.
Realmore creates NFT certificates of ownership of unpublished objects and designs the 3D model of each product that is docked to appropriate NFT attesting the exclusive ownership of the digital asset.
Realmore develops Apps with product gallery and related ultra-realistic models that can be explored in a dynamic 3D mode. All assets are purchasable through NFT property certificates and viewable in a shared way among multiple users in Augmented Reality in real environments.

The Six Pillars of the Enterprise Metaverse

Welcome to the Enterprise Metaverse, a whole new way to engage customers, improve performance, and transform your company's business.

In our XR Resources you will discover the six key pillars to design your digital space.

The ingredients are few but essential, and the result will be a whole new world for your audience. The path ahead is long, but there's nothing to worry about. The starting point is the same for everyone, and the only way to be ready to compete in the future digital scenario is taking a few steps today by starting with a POC and then scaling up.

At Realmore we are already taking the first step by offering our customers to convert their products into 3D digital assets and/or NFTs, usable in Gaming universes and bought in marketplace platforms where NFTs can be discovered, collected and sold.

Are you ready to ignite the digital interaction revolution?

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VR headset & glasses


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