The Metaverse is a persistent, cross-platform virtual space where unlimited number of users can interact and share universally accessible experiences as a customized 3D avatar through state-of-the-art devices such as: VR/AR viewers, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.

In the Metaverse, it is possible, for example, to visit a store and try on an item of clothing with one's avatar or go to a store to order a pair of shoes to be received in the physical world, drop in on a concert from the comfort of one's couch at home, or connect to a physical event while digitally interacting with one's friends remotely. The Metaverse is all this, and much more.

A place where people meet, interact, have limitless and universally accessible experiences with their own personal digital identity.

Realmore designs digital spaces and immersive, interactive experiences for creators and brands.


Realmore designs custom Metaverse that can host: interactive stores with environments dedicated to brand exploration and to the purchase of unreleased collectibles, events, customer care/service platforms, and digital work spaces.


Realmore creates NFT certificates of ownership of unpublished objects and designs the 3D model of each product that is docked to appropriate NFT attesting the exclusive ownership of the digital asset. 


Realmore develops Apps with product gallery and related ultra-realistic models that can be explored in a dynamic 3D mode. All assets are purchasable through NFT property certificates and viewable in a shared way among multiple users in Augmented Reality in real environments.


For us, the Metaverse is any digital space usable through the latest generation of mobile or wearable devices.

Together with brands and companies we create virtual worlds that can offer what the Metaverse as we understand it today promises to deliver: persistence, multi-user modes, interactivity and transactionality.

Realmore's expertise ranges from the design of Virtual Showrooms, on-demand and live interactive experiences, to multi-user remote visits that enhance opportunities to enjoy art and cultural exhibitions and events.  

The Six Pillars of the Enterprise Metaverse

Welcome to the Enterprise Metaverse, a whole new way to enrich the customer experience, engage employees and transform your company's business.

In our XR Resources you will discover the six key pillars to design a digital space. The ingredients are few but essential, and the result will be a whole new world for your audience.  


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