Our AR maintenance process management Platform provides direct support to operators during industrial machine operations, shortening lead times and increasing precision in completing the task or repair.

Available for mobile devices and smart glasses, it allows real-time information sharing (Remote Expert) and data centralization to make the maintenance process easier and more efficient, solving the problem of troubleshooting resulting from paper manuals that slows down the repair process.

AR Smart Assistance allows the integration of AR functions with other 4.0 industry-enabled technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Key features of AR Smart Assistance
  • Guided instructions and workflows
  • Real time tasks assignment
  • Ckecklist and To do list of assigned tasks
  • Digital intervention report
  • Automatic object detection
  • Viewing and Manipulating of Virtual 3D Models
  • Remote Expert mode with “You see what I see” video call
  • Extracts and displays live data from machines
  • Available on both Cloud and On Premise
  • Cross-platform solution for Smartphone, Tablet and Wearable
  • Complete integration with existing business systems
  • Integration with IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Improves business productivity

Increased information and instructions that assist the operator in routine or extraordinary tasks improve efficiency.

Reduces costs and the possibility of error

AR Smart Assistance supports operators so that work can be carried out faster, at a lower cost and with a lower error rate.

Supports digitisation of businesses

AR Smart Assistance easily integrates with existing cloud infrastructures by generating data reports that can be analyzed.



App for viewing Industrial Plants and Equipment in Augmented Reality

We create apps for 3D visualization and real-time configuration of industrial installations and machinery as well as big. The generated models can be viewed in the industrial environment where they must be placed as well as in exhibition spaces.

Production simulation and movement

It is an Augmented Reality solution to visualize the hologram of the industrial machinery exactly in the place where it will have to be installed in order to assess the overall dimensions, the escape spaces, the safety margins and thus to optimize the production processes.

Virtual presentations for fairs and events

Packing and transporting heavy industrial machinery from one side of the globe to the other in order to present it at trade fairs has a very high cost, both monetary and ecological. With Augmented Reality you will be able to view your animated Robot in the center of your booth.


Augmented Reality app for the management of the warehouse

A highly innovative man vs machine interface which, through the use of AR glasses connected to a warehouse management system, allows the warehouseman to receive the directions for storing the goods directly on the device allowing him to improve the timing and quality of his work.


Virtual prototyping

The ideal solution to save time, materials, transport and packaging in the development of prototypes, and it has no impact on the environment.



Industrial Virtual Reality Simulator

We recreate hyper realistic 3D and interactive industrial scenarios, where all the elements in the scene react to the user comands in real time and in a 360° immersive environment. We create simulations of industrial environments such as construction sites, refineries, petrochemical installations, power plants and risky sites, where operators working in hazardous conditions must fulfill highly specialized process and require a special training. These virtual experiences are directed to both manufacturers of machinery, constructors, engineering, companies, training service or consulting companies. Living 3D experience firsthand allows to evaluate the production processes in a new and highly effective way.


Detection of Industrial environments in 3D

Our 3D detection service using special cameras equipped with depth sensor allows us to reconstruct in three dimensions an environment or an industrial plant. The digital model that is generated can then be modified to improve the productivity and the management of the production unit. The final model can be also displayed with a Virtual Reality device.