The perfect solution for saving time, materials, transport and packaging when creating architectural models.

Conveying the new architectural languages and expressive qualities of building projects and attracting the curiosity and interest of potential buyers requires new models of involvement capable of reaching an international audience anywhere and at any time. Until now, the classic physical model has limited the possibilities for realistic observation of rooms, immersion in spaces and presentation of buildings and housing estates from a distance.

With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies, it is now possible to translate the complexity of a project by communicating the features and functions of any type of new building through 3D models drawn in minute detail. Augmented reality models can be viewed comfortably above a meeting room table using a smartphone, tablet or 3D visors and glasses.

Through the three-dimensional digital model, you can immerse yourself in the heart of the architectural project in an extremely immersive and true-to-life way. Buyers have the opportunity to observe the complex before making the commitment to go on site and get a precise and secure idea of the final result of their investment.

Exploring an outdoor space

Visualize a building from the outside and study the effects of the implementation of a new project, directly within the environment surrounding it, reconstructed digitally but faithfully to reality. This navigation mode resembles a flight simulator.

3D Configuration

Modify the design, style and structural and architectural elements of a 3D model to meet the preferences of the end customer, all in real time and with a very intuitive and practical interface, even for users with limited computer skills.


Let your customer explore the 3D model directly, making them part of the scene and the protagonist of the storytelling. They can explore the building from an overview, enter points of interest and switch to immersive Virtual Reality mode to visit the interior.

Close the deal quickly

An augmented reality 3D model can be viewed anywhere at any time. Potential buyers can get an overview of the property and explore it in a fun but effective way to conclude the purchase with confidence.



Amaze your customers with immersive digital experiences

Observing the building in the exact spot where it is to be constructed allows you to assess the appearance of the building in relation to its surroundings. The digital models are superimposed on the real environment captured by the camera of the smartphone, tablet or 3D viewer and can be configured according to the specific needs of the user.

We create apps for 3D visualisation and real-time configuration of scale models of buildings and architectural constructions. We develop digital solutions for previewing architectural models in the environment where they will actually be located.



The solution for making an existing building interactive

With the building tracking solution we can obtain and display technical and commercial information simply by framing the facade of a building of interest with our smartphone.

Once the building has been recognised on the smartphone, all information about the building can be accessed: flat configuration, 360° photos and videos, renderings, floor plans, prices, conditions of sale, etc.



Immersive explorable simulation to support the sales process

In the construction and real estate sector, an explorable immersive simulation provides support for the sales process and helps to demonstrate and evaluate the different options available when choosing a property and interior design, as well as the details of all aesthetic and construction elements: from finishes to furniture.

In the pre-purchase phase, virtual reality can be the decisive stimulus towards the purchase, as it is able to demonstrate the real functionality, comfort, costs and benefits of the investment, thanks to the dynamic interaction system. The customer enters virtual environments (participatory and interactive) and directly expresses preferences and interests, which translate into contextual changes to navigation in the immersive environment he is exploring.

Explore an interior space

When the user immerses himself in the virtual environment, he will have the exact perception of the proportions and dimensions of the space he is observing. This mode of navigation of immersive virtual environments is called "path-based".

Customise interiors 

Modify the design, style and textures of the furniture and interiors of the virtual scene to suit the preferences of the end customer, all in real time and with a very simple, intuitive and practical UX interface even for users with limited IT skills.

Customise finishes 

Customise and define your finishes, changing materials, colours, sizes and more. Everything is done in the first person (subjective view) and in real time.


Let your customers explore the virtual spaces directly, making them participants in the scene and protagonists of the storytelling. They will be able to open and close doors, climb stairs, raise or lower the intensity of lights and change the colours of elements.


Show the client the property with all the details, including the lighting during the stay or the opening of the windows and the filtering lights, or the views of the outside environment, also fully customisable.

Conclude negotiations more quickly 

Show the characteristics of the property to interested investors without the inconvenience of having to physically take them to the designated location. Buyers can comfortably assess whether the property acquisition reflects their needs, as if they were actually there.



The 3D room scanning service, thanks to special cameras equipped with a depth sensor, makes it possible to reconstruct an already inhabited flat or building in three dimensions.

The digital model that is generated can be modified to show possible renovations and changes to the housing unit and facilitate its sale. The final model can be visualised with Virtual Reality.

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