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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality App for Retail | Realmore » Sales & Retail



Transform purchasing experience with relevant and engaging digital services.

Today's online shopping experience is heavily constrained by standard navigation archetypes and traditional digital catalogues that limit consumer engagement and lengthen decision-making time.

Photorealistic 3D models are a relevant addition to any product page and increase customer engagement and conversion rates as customers interact dynamically and more consciously during the online shopping experience.

Customers can access a realistic 1:1 simulation of each model, configure the product according to their purchasing preferences, overlay it in their own environments in Augmented Reality mode and make smarter, more informed decisions by reducing the risk of returns through more specific, detailed and accurate product knowledge.



Immersive experiences to enrich the point of sale and generate new flows of visitors.

The great success of eCommerce and the exponential growth of social and virtual platforms have changed the reasons why customers visit the point of sale today. Today we live in a historical context in which time is money and in which moving around is no longer a matter of course.

The shop is no longer a mere destination for shopping purposes, but it is transformed into a place in which to live engaging and deeply sensory experiences capable of exciting and accompanying the customer during the purchase.

Retailers are turning to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies to achieve new levels of in-store interaction and engagement by combining the physical space with the digital world. Enriching the shop with digital services and entertainment activities allows brands to enhance their customers' time with a new approach that sees the physical point of contact as a unique opportunity for interaction to generate strong brand associations.



Increase engagement by integrating technology into product packaging.

In order to exploit an as yet unexpressed marketing tool like packaging and ride the wave of increased smartphone usage time, it is now possible to seize the opportunities offered by immersive technologies in the field of content marketing.

The use of AR and digital content as an integrated packaging solution allows the brand to keep the consumer's attention even in the after-sales phase.

Guiding the customer in the correct use of the product and helping him to make better choices in its end cycle: augmented guided instructions, videos for the preparation of recipes, videos on the production chain, advice on diet, interactive games, digital coupons and vouchers for the purchase of new products, information on the correct recycling of materials, and much more.



Offer buyers a dynamic immersion into virtual showrooms. 

Buyers are called upon to view samples and select merchandise taking into account customer needs and the unique characteristics of their target markets. If until yesterday the buyers' trade-off was handled inside the physical showroom or in the wholesale outlets of the manufacturers, today it is possible to move the experience inside virtual showrooms.

Navigating the virtual showroom dynamically gives buyers an immersive experience of viewing new samples and collections in a true-to-life way. Buyers can observe in detail the characteristics of each product, explore and navigate the environment, access information about, for example, fabric design and tailoring construction, select products and access the wishlist for order management.

In addition, three-dimensional modelling of exhibition spaces and showrooms allows buyers to navigate the environments independently or to be followed by a remotely connected shopping assistant via video call.



Create your own online shop to be present everywhere and at all times.

Today's consumers are used to a static online experiential dimension; the current purchasing dynamics within e-Commerce platforms do not allow them to live an experience capable of involving and exciting the customer as generally happens within the point of sale.

The advent of digital has radically transformed the behaviour and expectations of customers, especially the younger generation. They expect their favourite brands to be able to keep up with the new shopping patterns and social changes taking place. What's more, the younger generations want a relevant omnichannel experience that satisfies them wherever and however they shop.

By virtually recreating the dynamics of offline shopping through 360° photography of the shop or three-dimensional modelling of the space, customers can immerse themselves in the environment, viewing clothing and accessories in photo-realistic quality, and have an experience similar to the one they would have in the real context. The Virtual Store is a valid alternative to traditional online shopping, especially in the current context in which travel restrictions reduce the possibilities of involvement and interaction.

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