Virtual reality, by its very definition, simulates the actual reality. The evolution of computer technology has made possible the navigation of photo-realistic environments in real time and the interaction with objects virtualized in them.

Our approach

In REALMORE we take care of the creation and the development of applications for virtual reality glasses and mobile devices, adapting the digital content to each device on which we are going to develop. We always choose the best possible technology among many offered by virtual glasses, therefore We can develop your app in virtual reality for Microsoft HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Epson Moverio, Samsunge Gear VR, Durovis Dive and Cardboard. We can also produce your digital content to be displayed in virtual reality: Photo 360°, Movie 360° and Rendering 360°.

  • Photo 360°

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, a good image can be the mirror of every business. If in addition to appearance then we also want to engage and amaze our clients, virtual reality is the most effective media and can show the most interesting aspect of our business. In the following examples, we captured 360° images with our 360 ° cameras, and the result as you can see is impacting. The level of interaction and immersion that these images are able to convey, thanks to virtual reality glasses, is breathtaking, and you have to try it by yourself to understand the level of involvement and engagement that can give.

  • Rendering 360°

We create photorealistic renderings 360° with the highest quality and the material needed to enrich images and conceptual 3D infographics, designed for the formats required according to the chosen virtual device. We rebuild any existing space, in the planning stage or under construction. We can also make 3D environmental detection of already existing spaces through special cameras equipped with depth sensors and add later the new layers of virtual architectural elements to improve the looks.

  • Video 360°

A 360° video provides the recovery phase of a real scene, with the shooting action that is spread in all directions, at the same time. This allows the viewer to watch it through its virtual glasses and to control the direction, with the the speed of movement of the head. In Realmore we are experts in the various phases of recovery that are used to create a high-quality spherical video.



We coordinate and plan the steps needed to film set at 360 ° to get the desired results.



We offer all the technical equipment needed together with qualified personnel to capture 360 videos°.



The images taken by our camera are edited, joined together (stitching), processed and coded thanks to a dedicated software, resulting in a single spherical image, which integrates with the GPS data in the most appropriate format to match your needs.


App integration

The sequence that we get with this process, integrates with images, audio and video, and with all the data related to the associated virtual experience.

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